The Shoestring Theatre Co.

Our name is bigger than our budget!

Supporting the starving artists of Savannah, GA since 2014.

Mission Statement:

The Shoestring Theatre Co. aims to challenge Savannah's creative community, push the boundaries of what can be done with limited resources, and foster new talent by encouraging the submission and performance of original material. We strive to invigorate audience support for local artists by being the most fun and surprising theatre company in Savannah!


The greatest subsidizers of the arts are the artists themselves. Although community theatre frequently appears to happen by magic, we know it's actually the result of hard work done by talented people who generously donate their time. Shoestring wishes to express our appreciation in the sincerest possible way- with money. Many people think nothing of asking an artist to work for free, and most community productions are only able to pay their costs by not paying their creative contributors. Shoestring has decided to reverse that formula. We challenge ourselves to assemble top-quality shows on the narrowest possible budget (hence the name "shoestring"!) so that any profit we make can be shared with our cast and crew.

We also wish to carry on an honest dialogue with our audiences about the uncomfortable subject of money and how financial support for artistic endeavors enriches the community in vital, though intangible and hard to quantify ways. The shoestring theatre company regards song, dance, and merrymaking as crucial human experiences rather than disposable social luxuries. we believe the performers, writers, and designers who contribute to the amount of beauty and merriment in the world are providing an indispensable service to their societies. The Shoestring Theatre Company thinks Savannah audiences are ready to hear this message and to give local artists the support they need.   

Board of directors:

The Shoestring Theatre Co. was founded in 2014 by Bonnie Terrell, Don Cooper, Keira Davenport, and Charles Bowen. The current board consist of Bonnie Terrell, Emily Rice, Roscoe Sandlin,andCharles bowen.

Check back later to see when we have a new show coming up!