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AUDITIONS for our Christmas Fundraiser

  • Vineyard Church of Savannah 1020 Abercorn Street Savannah, GA, 31401 United States (map)

It's the most wonderful time of the year- the time when Shoestring reprises last year's production of The Stupidest Angel, a Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror! We did a staged reading of the book by Christopher Moore last year, which was our first ever show, and have decided to do it again this year as a fundraiser for our 2016 season. And you are ALL welcome to audition.

When: Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script and will take place from 7-9pm on Monday, November 23 and Tuesday November 24 (Email if you can't make it and would like to schedule a time to audition privately.) Anyone who wishes to volunteer their services for lights and sound is also welcome to get in touch.

Where: Vineyard Church, 1020 Abercorn St. (that little blue building at the corner of Abercorn and Park Ave.)

Rehearsal/Performance schedule: Only a two-week rehearsal period, November 30-December 10 (weeknights only). Only one weekend of performances: evenings December 11 & 12, matinee December 13.

This is not a traditional play. There are no set, no props, minimal blocking, and you do the whole show with the script in your hand. It's a little bit like doing a radio show, but live. Last year's audience really enjoyed the minimalist experience and allowing their imaginations to fill in everything. Last year's cast had such a great time, it was their idea to do the show again. Several members of the original cast are returning and picking up their old roles, but not everyone is available, so there are several parts we need to fill:

1) Dale Pearson/Narrator in Molly's head- this is a double role. Dale Pearson is Pine Cove's evil developer, gets killed with a shovel, then rises from the dead to lead a horde of brain-hungry zombies. The Narrator in Molly's head is the voice Molly Michon (Pine Cove's Crazy Lady) begins to hear once she's been off her meds too long. So, we need an actor who can be a thoroughly hateable sonofabitch for the one part, then a complete loon for the other part.

2) Gabe- a biologist who has recently been dumped by his girlfriend of 5 years and is not taking it well. He is an old-school nerd, meaning although he may actually be the smartest guy in the room, he is somehow never the smartest guy in the room. Gabe is hilariously pitiful.

3) Val/Esther/Dispatch/EMT/Emily- several small parts make for one big presence. Val is the town psychiatrist (who just dumped Gabe), Esther is a dead schoolteacher who rises from the cemetery with the rest of the zombies, Dispatch and EMT both appear briefly, and Emily is mother to the little boy whose Christmas wish starts all the trouble.

4) Marty/Catfish Jefferson- Marty in the Morning is a dead radio DJ and Catfish Jefferson is a bluesman who opens Act II with an amusing Christmas ditty.

5) Roberto/Warren- this is the smallest role in the play, but the one people love the most. Roberto is Tucker Case's fruit bat who wears tiny Ray Bans, leers at attractive women, and talks on occasion. Must be able to speak two lines of dialogue with a Spanish accent. Otherwise, it's mostly barking, hissing, and being present. Last year's audience loved the hell out of this damn fruit bat. Warren is among the assortment of dead- formerly an artist.

6) Waitress/Arthur/Sam/Boy 2/Ben/Betsy- an ensemble part filling out six roles. The waitress is... a waitress. Arthur is one of the dead. He used to own a citrus farm. Sam is a little boy- friend of Josh, Boy 2 is a teenager, Ben is a washed-up jock who gets his brains eaten, and Betsy is Dale Pearson's girlfriend who speaks with the town constable over the phone.

What is the plot of this book? There is a quaint little town in California that overlooks the Pacific Ocean: Pine Cove. A few days before Christmas, the angel Raziel arrives to complete his heaven-assigned task of granting a Christmas wish to one child. A little boy named Josh is walking home from his friend's house one night and is horrified to see a lady murder Santa Claus with a shovel. Little does he know, the lady was Lena Marquez, Santa was her ex-husband (Dale Pearson) in a costume, and it was an accident. When the boy prays for someone to bring Santa back to life so it will be a good Christmas, Raziel takes that as his cue. Unfortunately, Raziel is pretty dim as far as angels go. He doesn't really understand what's going on, he doesn't know precisely where Santa is buried, and all he really wants is to grab a Snickers and head home. His slipshod work results in ALL of the dead folk clambering out of their graves just as all of the living have arrived at the old Santa Rosa Chapel for the annual Christmas Party for the Lonesome. With a massive storm ripping up the forest outside and the dead clawing at the doors, town constable Theophilus Crowe is forced to be the man in charge and try to keep everyone alive. A pretty tall order for a man who is not very good at that kind of thing and who is also completely stoned at the time. Luckily, his off-her-meds wife arrives just in time to save the day and dismember all the zombies.

So, if you enjoy reading Christopher Moore's books or you just want to be part of a Christmas show that involves sex, death, pot, and lots of swearing, come and see us!

Check back later to see when we have a new show coming up!